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What People Say About Me

I don’t solicit for testimonials, so unsolicited ones are even better. A client sent me this after our recent meeting.

THANK YOU so much for coming out to see us yet again, and for your invaluable input. You are a great help. Having you as a sounding board, getting your ideas and suggestions, and seeing your rough sketches that helps us envision what we do or do not want is extremely helpful. I think you have saved us from many mistakes, and I think your input has helped us avoid spousal disagreements that could so easily have occurred along the way 🙂

Your knowledge of materials and building code, and your ability to visualize the project before we start is a great resource. I think every home owner should have their “personal architect” come have a look before they start a project. You have saved us money, you have prevented many headaches, and you have been a good partner and friend through our projects.


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  Pat Murphey wrote @

I really like this testimonial letter for two reasons. First, it shows me how involved Will is in helping his clients get the best he has to offer providing for a good experience & a successful design process.

Second, as a new, yet to launch, start-up drafting & design firm in Phoenix, Arizona, this testimonial letter gives me a better idea of what I need to do in the design process by paying attention and learning how to handle these little details to maximize my client’s experience and for my client’s to have a successful project.


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