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Have questions about how to work with an architect, or what we do, or what the steps are? The AIA has a site just for you to help you learn about all of that. Go to and explore.

I offer several fixed price services so we can start to work together without making a significant financial commitment.

I am licensed in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.


In-Home Idea Hour $149

Have a problem that you can’t seem to get unstuck? I provide an hour or so of discussion and design to give you new perspectives and options to help you shift the problem. All notes and sketches are yours to keep.

Working Session $150

A focused meeting where we work together on one issue that you need help with.

Coffee and Ideas $79

Similar to an Idea Hour, only instead of meeting at your home, we meet for coffee and discussion of your problems. Better for people with social or cultural problems that don’t require visiting your space.

Pre-purchase House Evaluation $250

While we’d all like to live in a house designed just for us and the way we live, it isn’t something that everyone can do. So we have to make do with a house built for other people. I provide a zoning review and a two-hour walk-through of a house you are considering buying to discuss simple changes that would fit the house to your lifestyle. All notes and sketches are yours to keep.


I provide Basic Architectural Services, tailored to the needs of the project and client.

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