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So this week I knew I had a lot of phone calls to make. I don’t like making phone calls (it’s the introvert in me), and I was thinking about that, and how I could make it easier to do, when a strong sense memory bubbled up. In it I recalled sitting at my desk at a previous firm, grabbing the phone mounted on my cubical wall, and dialing. Hmm. I certainly don’t get that feeling when I’m using my cell phone, which is my “office” phone now. The more I thought about it, the stronger the need to have a handset in my hand as I talked with someone. My bluetooth headset certainly didn’t fill that void either – in fact I sometimes feel even more disconnected from the call when I’m wearing it. Thinking that there must be solutions out there that would combine my cell phone and a desk phone, I went searching.

Well, there are several solutions, all with different issues. I wasn’t sure that I wanted a bluetooth one, because my phone often requires me to reconnect with devices, and I didn’t want a solution that required me to buy an additional desk phone. I wanted something simple and easy. I decided on the Native Union MM02 handset and base.


And here it is set up at my desk.

MM02 on laptop

I couldn’t wall-mount it like my previous phones (which gives you back desk space) but this works to keep it out of the space where my coffee mug usually goes. The handset has good weight and it fits on my shoulder. And as a bonus I know have a place to park my phone. Today I have to finish making the calls and I’m almost looking forward to it.

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